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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

My father, who instilled the love of the Model A in me, used to tell a story about when he was dating my mother in the late 40s just after the war. He had a 30 two door sedan and was taking my mom to the local dance. When it was time to go home they encountered a bunch of later model cars stuck in the mud in the middle of the road. Of course the Model A went right through to the other side and then Dad procceded to pull the other cars out.Somehow in the process my mothers dress got splashed with mud coming through the floor boards and she got very mad. Dad said that was almost the end of the courtship but luckily for me it wasn't. Dad said Mom hated that Model A and would make him park blocks away from any destination so that no one would see them in it. Dad loved that Model A more than anything. Frank
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