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Default Re: Manners... A new rule...

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
They weren't reporting anything. They were being assholes and getting reported. I think you read that wrong.

I still very much want folks to report.

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Sometimes Ryan, there are individuals that have taken care of their own problems in their own way all their lives. The idea of running to someone else to take care of some asshole is unacceptable. Case in point, the thread below, this asshole (my opinion) was gone and when he came back, he started right in on me, edging me, challenging me. I continued to ignore his asinine comments to a point and then I decided it was time to confront him again...the last time I did it through PM, that was a couple of years ago, when he came back or was allowed to come back a few months ago, he came back with vengeance and it was directed at me. He's gone again now and I hope it's for good, his comments was numerous and towards many posters, his arrogance, rudeness and down right ASSinine attitude became a pest to me. With me confronting him, in my own way, I was banned because of my comment towards him directly on this thread, IMO, the ban was worth it. I'll bet a pound to a penny, he was the one who reported me. If he was, good!!!!!! I hurt the arsehole's feelings, that was my intentions!!!! Mission accomplished.........
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