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Default Re: Manners... A new rule...

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
Looking at past stats, almost 98% of reported posts were posted by only 14 people. Think about that. That's nuts... So, I started by targeting those 14 people.

Many of them were banned outright and others I let slide but started to watch very carefully. This included looking at their post history... Soon, I noticed many of these guys started editing/deleting their past offensive posts. So, I have taken that function away for a while.

Essentially, I'm smoking out the people that don't respect the joint... and, it has worked really, really well.

The rest of you guys are AWESOME.
I'd wondered what those posts about the delete button were going on about. The posts where they edited everything but a character was more like something in a junior school than what you would expect to find on a car forum populated by people with a high average age.
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