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Originally Posted by hardtimes View Post
Hey Dave,
Thanks much for your helpful response !
I have a full set of main bearing shells for the B engine that I'm planning. Two sets per main. That is why I asked your input. You apparently are a successful A/B engine builder and post helpful pictures of your work ! There will have to be TWO tangs for each half, rather than the one tang on a one piece shell set. Next time, I'll check out AER shells for purchase.

One other question. I have a real nice set of B rods and have been told that inserts are available, if the rods are cut 2.140 (I think?). Do you know of anyone who does this work on original B rods ?
Ron Kelly would likely do this type of work. In the past, he machined original "A" rods for inserts. "B" is the same work...just different sizing.
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