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Originally Posted by René W View Post
Tony and Dave cool story,could you tell us about the fish you caught too????must be humongeous too....................
Well I used to fish with my brothers quite a bit but it seemed that whenever I joined them the fish didn't I do not get invited much anymore.

But for the tale of 78 mph in a '29 Phaeton with the top up...well I did have a good bit of a tail wind as I recall. The fuel economy was terrible at about 15 mpg. But true story, I had some pedal left. The air coming in under the front fenders and the reactionary force of the top being up was lifting the front end up and I chickened out to go any faster. The speed limit at that time was 70mph but like I said, the left lane was really moving that Sunday morning. We were on our way to a National as I recall and fell behind the group we were traveling with because my wife wanted to stop and see Mackinaw Island.
I wanted to make it to the opening day swap meet.

I guess I'm not telling the whole story. I also have a counterweighted crank, a 26% Mitchell, "B" grind new cam, 5.9 Brumfield shaved once to flatten it, maxed out pistons @ .125 over by choice, performance Aries muffler, 4:11 rear ratio, electronic ignition and a "B" intake manifold with a stock Model A Zenith carb. I also have cast iron brake drums on all four wheels, set up tight and they will lock up on pavement if I bear down.

It was fun watching the double takes of the drivers in their "moderns" in the right lane as I sailed by them!
True story...honest!
Good Day!

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