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Originally Posted by modelAtony View Post
Dave , when I would play with timing I would always go out on Interstate and open it up a little, I would always run a 2 mile hit and my buddy would always run the stop watch. The fastest I would ever go was 88 mph , one day Dennis said, was that the fastest i had ever ran ? I said yes but I had about another 1" OF THROTTLE LEFT. I said lets see what I got , Good clear Sunday no wind so we started my 2 mile run at about 55 mph. 2 mile he hit the stopwatch after pulling over I figured the time and I said, Holly Shit Dennis that's 96 MPH. Wednesday morning I was at automotive shop on dyno . 2900 rpm, 96 mph, 117 lbs torque and 65 HP .
Could I suggest making this run using a GPS to record the speed? Using a stopwatch and hiway mile posts leaves a lot of room for potential error. After working for AZ DOT for 27+ years I know mile posts are not accurate!
A run in both directions will compensate for any downhill effect (a slight grade is not always noticed). A cellphone shot of the GPS screen for posterity, too!
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