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Default Re: Manners... A new rule...

I received several private emails some time ago, (as opposed to Forum Private Messages, (PM's) generated on this Forum), concerning the alleged Ford Barn gang attacks in progress.

Those allegedly attacked individuals were allegedly hurt and had already sadly left.

We can imagine that here within, it is virtually impossible to monitor outside, behind the scenes private emails.

And then, one way to look at this Model A Hobby is, what is the true value of being declared a 100% Model A Genius who is never wrong and always right?

With possession of such an Honorable Model A Diploma, none of us could land a $5.00 an hour job as a McDonald's kitchen helper employee working at the rear sink.

I too hope these gentlemen will return.

FWIW: I found early on that one can be successful & succeed far better in life if we sometimes act ignorant. LOL
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