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Default Re: Manners... A new rule...

Originally Posted by P.S. View Post
I seldom check in here anymore, largely due to reasons previously stated. I hope it becomes a friendly place as a result of the new vigor in cleaning house.

My only fear is that some of the truly knowledgeable people who have left will not know it is safe to return and when we want to know something technical or specialized, that our inquiry will go unanswered.
Your stats show you to be a pretty regular user as of late. My intention is make sure it stays that way.

Originally Posted by msmaron View Post
I think your over exaggerating paul, i have seen your posts as you know and your questions seem to always be answered in a polite and helpful way and YES many many of the knowledgable people are gone from the site and will not return.... sadly.
Sure... some have left... but I'd bet you could still get any question you wanted answered in short time.

And many of the regular drama guys are also pretty knowledgeable sadly. They will be gone as well of course...

Point is this: You can have a really rich community full of knowledge and without all of the name calling and chest thumping. It's possible. And I hope to make that happen here.
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