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Default Re: Manners... A new rule...

Originally Posted by ursus View Post
Ryan, I fully appreciate your position on this matter. It is just a hobby and I don't take anything here personally so I am pretty much immune to this stuff. There are a few here that are a bit prickly and thin-skinned and there are a few that like to take pot shots at others. The real damage is done when new members are given a rude or indifferent welcome and never come back. I have seen some Model A clubs that invite new members, treat them poorly, and wonder why they quit. We don't need any turds in the Fordbarn punchbowl.
I think a few of these guys feel like their knowledge offsets any ill manners they might display... and others feel as though they are so knowledgeable that the forum as a group should figuratively bow down to obtain that knowledge. In either case, it's not gonna happen.

There really isn't an excuse for treating people like shit on the internet or in real life.
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