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Default Re: Manners... A new rule...

Originally Posted by Licensed to kill View Post
This is great news. I haven't experienced any rudeness on this forum but I don't read all of the threads either. However, I left the HAMB several years ago because of the ongoing rude comments and unsolicited negative opinions/comments. They were never directed at me as i was fairly new to the sight and hadn't posted much but what i was seeing told me that it was not someplace I wanted to be. I suspect that you have taken a similar stance over there so maybe I can check it out again. Thanks Ryan
The H.A.M.B. is a much larger forum than the Ford Barn by a multiple of two or three. Even so, reported posts on the HAMB are almost half that of the Ford Barn. Part of that is because the Ford Barn's classified section receives almost 75% of the total traffic of the site, so I tended to spend most of my work time there. That was a mistake on my part as doing so has let the discussion part of the site get far worse than the HAMB has been since the early 2000's probably. I'm changing that obviously.
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