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Default Re: Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

On 12 -16 at 5:47pm this post was entered.
1940 Ford with a swap from the f.h to a s/b ford
I've got a nice 40 ford sedan with the original f/h engine, wiring etc....that looks like its had it. have been thinking of putting a ford into a ford (302, etc.) the original running gear (trans./rear) is good..anyone have any advice, suggestions...excluding using a chevy s/b....thanks, art.

I think you will be seeing more Hot Rodding in the future.
As the oldie die off.
I'm no kid myself. 1962 when 18 years old the thing was to rip the old flathead out , put a ohv maybe and olds 303 ford 312 maybe a cad.
Restoring cars was realy not heard of.
I stopped the car hobby and was doing other things.
In 1995 got back into cars and there was a lot of stockers,
By 2001 there were very few at the car shows,only the big shows,are where they are today. There isn,t much difference in the looks of a streetrod and a stocker maybe the height.A realy good stocker makes the best street rod.
If you didn,t play with cars in the 60s thats why you don,t like hotrods.
Any way thats what it all about.
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