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Default Re: Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

What HAMTOWNAL just Posted struck me...and it makes a LOT of sense. THIS is the place to be, if you've got an "Old Ford". Although I read the HAMB daily (right after this Site), it's getting bothersome to wade through the MIRIAD "comments" rather than any sort of knowledge contribution. Don't get me wrong...I'd be lost with out the knowledge on the HAMB, but there's a LOT to wade through. I have an "old Ford", and THAT's what I'm interested in...things "old Ford". I try really hard to keep my comments/questions old Ford on this Site. If I want answers on Hemi's, 200-4R's, or solving some non old Ford related problem I go to the HAMB Site...which is where it SHOULD be asked. If I have need for old Ford answers, which is what all that other "stuff" is in, I come here. It's very simply asking the right question on the correct Site. After all, even though it's a "Hot Rod", it's still an old Ford, not some bizzare contraption of another make...
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