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Default Re: Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

Trying to follow stuff on HAMB is a challenge at best because of the high volume on comments.. I mean comments; not any sort of contribution to knowledge whatsoever. Vulgar expressions seem all too common. I'm no prude and far from pure but it gets old and seems a bit immature after awhile. The hamb can be a quick helpful place and has helped me greatly when I was suddenly the new owner of a hemi powered 40 cpe.

The old barn was not just about original restorations by a wide margin. When I put a 36 car front clip on a 40 pkp it was followed by many and updates were REQUESTED if I didn't post progress on a regular basis. The same was true for many others.

Anyway, I wish old cross breds like myself good luck in keeping up with much on the hamb but I'll try. I'll keep my 5 spd project over there but am not getting much feedback in the way of continued interest so am beginning to question whether it's worth it to take and post pics along with an explanation.

I figured the discovery that you could put a 5 spd behind a hemi or a flathead WITHOUT splitting the wishbone would be of great interest to everybody as adding a 5 spd to your stock Ford is getting to be a more common upgrade in the interest of DRIVING your old Ford for long distances without running them wide open.

Enough of the comments. Back to the garage... if I can get it warm enough today!
Merry day after Christmas to all!
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