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Default Re: Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

I read all of the posts on this 'Notice Thread" and am not surprised that this happened. Somewhere in that gray area between restoration and hot rod there is a wall, even if a somewhat feeble wall. When folks start bouncing off that wall is when the further definition & clarification of these words come out. Thes definitions always lead to a verbal contention between purists and those that want to make there ride better for there own needs, identity, and above all to make life a little easier for themselves in the form of reliability.

Many of the Model A folks are purists but most of the V8 folks are somewhere in between. After all, if you have a question about a V8 in your Model A then you don't go to the Model A forum to ask about it. Point is that it is still a valid Ford Barn question in the V8 section. Plus, there is still a lag on availability of parts for the later Fords that the model A has always comanded a big lead on.

We just have to be mindful of a question that will ruffle the feathers of a purist in either forum and respect that. Personally, I tried the purist route for many years and have found that it made me a little crazy. It's almost impossible to keep one of these old turds going for any kind of daily use without modifying it to some degree. The Model A is and always will be by it's very design, a pain in the ahrs to keep running well or driving safe. After all, it was designed in a different time and place plus it was made for a USA with mostly dirt roads. Humans are lazy by nature and most try to make there life as easy as possible. I'm no exception.

My 2-cents
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