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Default Re: Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

First, Ryan and all the moderators, THANK YOU for doing a great job.

IMHO the lines between restoration/hot rod/street rod/custom are easily blurred. The mechanical issues are seem to be defined for the Ford Barn as "stock" or "period modifications", ie heads, juice brakes, hot water heaters, etc. This is a workable definition. Body issues are often common to all genre's. What fender fits a particular year frame/body does not matter if the car will have an original or late model motor.

A philosophy I have evolved is it is very important for the hot rodder to understand what the "original" is so any modifications are both that, a modification, and have a purpose. Without a baseline of "original" efforts become simply modernistic retro art. I use some of Boyd's later "1932" creations as an example... art: yes, beauty: yes, 1932: ... no.

Anyway regardless of anyone who may want to stretch the rules or complain, Ryan and helpers and those who use the Ford Barn have done a great job in keeping the forum civil and informative.

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