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Default Re: Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

Opinions are like you know what, everybody has one. So here is mine, I am fairly new at the Barn and am restoring 34 pickup to 98% original because I promised the person that gave it to me I would. That said I would hate to see any of you not continue to use the Barn it has been very helpful to me. I have restored two other frame off vehicles,31 Chevy original & 48 DeSoto which I street rodded but kept the body original on the outside. I can drive the DeSoto any where easily, but not the 31 as all of you know the old cars don't handle very good at todays speeds. My pet peeve is when someone chops & channels which ruins, in my opinion the original look that the builder intended. I'm sure I have offended someone out there,if so I apologize. You won't find a site as good as this one for Chevies & Mopar.
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