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Exclamation Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

I've gotten a bunch of private messages as of late about this and thought I had better speak up.

Question: Is the Ford Barn about stock/restored early Fords?

Answer: YES!

Question: Is the Ford Barn about hot rodded or customized early Fords?

Answer: No... That's not our focus on The Ford Barn. The Jalopy Journal focuses on that stuff.
All that said, I understand there is some overlap. A great example is a guy with a '40 coupe that he likes to drive quite a bit. For drivability, he might stick a dual carb intake and maybe even some heads on his mill. Advice on such modifications is, of course, welcomed.

I realize (and I'm sure you guys do as well) that there is no broad line of separation between hot rodded and stock early Fords. This would be easy if there was... But it's important to remember that the Ford Barn focuses on the stock restorations while The Jalopy Journal focuses on hot rods and customs. Sure, we will have some "sidebars" on each site covering more bases, but the general premises remains.
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