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Default Re: Model A/AA Ford Websites...Can YOU add to the list?"

This past year I was searching for a place to get my 1931 wheels straightened and contacted about 10 local shops, no one was setup or interested except one small shop in Laurel Maryland. The shop is family owned by two Brothers who started their business about three years ago. They asked me to bring them over to see if they could take on the project, well they not setup but willing to construct a special jig to get the job done. I provided them with a Model A hub and they then constructed a jig that was compatible with their equipment. They then straightened my wheels perfectly and they were in real bad shape. They wanted to practice so I gave them another six wheels and all are now perfectly straight and true. So long story short here is their information to post and you may want to call them to discuss?

TAS Rim & Wheel Experts
251 Brock Bridge Road
Laurel, MD 20724
email is
Chuck McDonald,
Member of AACA, Model A Club, NRA
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