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Default Re: Oil pan 59AB photos

Hi Everyone, Jorge thank you very much for sharing the results of your hard work, it is just beautiful, amazing and so very educational.

One tip I like to give out is to think in relationship to the flywheel when you work on left/right relationships. If you're facing the flywheel then left and right are logical. (If you're facing the timing gear, put your arms out like you're sleepwalking, then cross your arms in front of you and you have L/R figured out again except it's backwards.) This would work the same for the Near Side/Off Side crowd.

Jorge it sounds as if you're collecting photos. None of these are what you've asked for here, and may not even be the engine you're working on, but here are a bunch of cut-away engine shots I took at Don Garlits' Museum of Drag Racing in Ocala Florida. I was there with my Dad and JM and many others for a 'Barners Bash' a few years ago. The engine is identified as a 1934 Ford but some of the info on the sign is possibly not true.

Again, thanks for sharing, and good luck with your efforts, they're amazing!
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