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Default Re: Model A/AA Ford Websites...Can YOU add to the list?"


I have been building a list similar to yours and intend to use it for an article in my local club newsletter. My list is almost as large as yours and I will cross check the two lists time permitting. There is one major category missing from your list, “Other”. This lists includes things like maps sites to find driving directions to swap meets, weather sites to see if the swap meet will be rained out, phone sites to look up other car enthusiasts (I include several since they seem to always be obsolete), a dictionary so you can use the right words in your posts, and a cat web site (Does your cat like to sleep on the roof of your roadster? At least you don’t have to worry about mice eating the upholstery). All right, the cat site may be pushing it a little but you get the idea. It would also be good to add a few key words to explain what is contained in the site. These words will enable you to use the search function on your computer to rapidly find things. I keep my file in Microsoft word and I can hit “Ctrl f” and type in what I am trying to find. When I open your post I can enter “Ctrl f” and my internet service provider will prompt me to add a word I want to find. Maps and driving directions Weather reports Phone numbers Phone numbers Phone numbers Dictionary Cat web site

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