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Default Re: Exhaust pipe question/opinion

I agree that the timing is probably a bit retarded . When the timing pin meets the dimple in the cam gear I adjust the distributor cam so that the TRAILING end of the rotor tip points exactly at the number one contact in the distributor cap body with NO clockwise backlash . Points gap also has an effect on timing because the spark happens just as the points begin to open . More gap will cause the points to open quicker . Factory specs for points gap is anywhere from eighteen to twenty two thousands . I set my points anywhere from twenty to twenty two thousands . The wider gap gives better throttle response . The smaller gap of eighteen thousands is right on the edge of being retarded and will soon need readjustment . If the timing is slightly retarded it will cause the engine to run hotter and have less power . The more retarded the hotter the exhaust system will get untill it gets red hot , not a good situation !!!
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