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Default Re: Bosch Coil Confusion

Patrick L, Thanks for the input as well as others. My problem still remains. If you look closely at what these vendors are selling, they will give part numbers that are the same but they will be different coils. Some are oil filled, others are different impedance, yet have the same part number. There are also many counterfeit coils out there. Most of the vendors state:
"Product images may differ from actual product appearance." Wonder why? Because they don't have a clue as to what they are peddling. And unfortunately, they are asking in excess of 40 to 150% of retail.
What I am looking for is verification by anyone out there that actually has a 12 volt 3 ohm Bosch coil that is epoxy filled that they are currently using on their converted 12 volt Model A? If so, can you please verify the part number and where you were able to buy it from?
Thanks again,
Tom L.
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