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Default Re: Ford Script Distributor Body

Originally Posted by Steves46 View Post
I found a Ford script Distributor Body stashed away from the previous owner. Since I thought it was really cool, I replaced my non-script Distributor and fired-up the car. Although is started-up, it acted like it had no power, even when I moved the throttle a bit and advanced the spark. Removed and repaced with the non-script and all was good. For the sake of learning, what would cause this? A possible crack inside the Bakelight that I couldn't see? I did not see any visable cracks or any other indicators. I would have really liked to use the Ford script Distributor Body but I guess it will sit on a shelf as a display piece.

Did you try setting the timing on the Script distributor? Or, did you just drop it into the head?

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