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Default Re: Bosch Coil Confusion

Originally Posted by Synchro909 View Post
A little off topic but a while ago, I had a Bosch coil I wanted to use in my latest project I rang Bosch to ask what condensor I should use with it. The young guy who answered the phone had no idea what a condensor was so I knew I had a winner here! I explained that if the coil and condensor weren't matched, the points would burn. He had no idea what points were either - he only knew late model stuff that was all electronic but there is an old guy who works here but he's out of the office at the moment. I'll ask him when he gats back and ring you, he said. To my surprise, he did ring back and was amazed that this "old guy" not only knew what I was talking about but gave the answer without having to go to the computer - it was in his head.
I suspect your problem getting an answer about an epoxy filled coil might be because no one knows what you are talking about.

Thats getting to be a problem today. Well, actually not getting to be one, it is one.
Parts guys are not what they used to be.Its hard to find a good old-timer.
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