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Default More questions for Tom Wesenberg

Hi all,
Tom, I've been trying to trouble shoot ignition problems with my '28 tourer and found your response to a question relating to condenser testing. I've discovered that my multi-meter can measure capacitance (only in the nF - nanofarad range) so I tested a new condenser out of the circuit. The result was 216.6 nF. This was the same whether I placed the red probe on the case or the terminal.

Conversion to mF - millifarads (the unit used in your response) gives me a reading of 0.0002166 mF, conversion to uF - microfarads gives me 0.2166 uF. The number is nearer your readings but not the unit of measure. Does this mean the condenser is faulty?
Can you set me straight on 1. polarity, 2. units, 3. minimum acceptable reading.

Thanks in advance for all responses.
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