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Default Re: Original AC stuff for 1960 F-100

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As far as I recall A/C wasn't offered on the trucks at that time. Maybe 'dealer' installed though. It was offered on Ford / Merc cars starting in 55, and lots of them had Y-blocks. (292's all the way up to 62 in cars and 64 in trucks) So I suppose you could find the compressor and bracketry if you look long enough. The newer Sanden compressors run a lot smoother and use a lot less power if it comes to that. Seems it would have to mount low with that crossover pipe.
I mounted a 'factory' 66 Mustang unit in my 64 F-100 and the holes on the brackets lined right up to the predrilled holes in the bottom lip of the dash. That's what makes me think you could probably get the dealer to put one in. Those Mustang units are VERY similar to the aftermarket ones, with the advantage of looking good in a Ford due to the emblems.
An aftermarket unit like a Sears, Monkey-Wards, Haydee's, etc sometimes crop up at swap meets and of course eBay.

Good luck.
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