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Default Re: Save it or drive it

I have a few what I would call "nice Model A's" - they are not high points cars with all of the fine detailing and parts accuracy that go into making one of those fine examples, but they are nonetheless as nice or nicer than many of the cars out there today. Like yours, mine are for the most part what I would consider "original", although I have taken a few liberties that might be considered a departure from original in a strict sense (powder coated running gears, plated nuts and bolts on the undercarriage, etc.), but with that said, I enjoy driving them (each has its own particular characteristics depending largely on the temperature), but I would generally not take them out on a rainy day, or on roads that would possibly prove detrimental to either the general mechanical or aesthetics of the car. With the exception of only a very few models (that in those cases, I feel should only be shown - e.g. Town Car, Taxi, etc.), I think that most folks would enjoy driving their cars and sharing them with those who may also find these cars to be of interest.
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