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Default Save it or drive it

I have a 1930 Tudor that is really nice and mostly original except for a few safety modifications (seat belts, LED light bulbs, turn signals, electric wiper...etc) that I drive about 5000+ miles a year. Sometimes I feel bad that I am using the car too much and feel it should just be a trailer queen that I preserve and show on weekends. Other times I feel the Model A was built to be a daily driver and people should see it going down the road every day as it was intended to do.
So what do you think??
* Make your car a show piece so people can see what these cars originally looked like and how beautiful they really were. Basically preserving it forever.
* Drive your car everywhere, everyday so people can see the car do what it was built to do....even though it takes a ton of work to keep it running...and you are wearing it out and risking wrecking your car. This option does keep the aftermarket parts makers in business.
Anyway....what do you think?
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