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Default Re: Off shore adjustable lifters

Originally Posted by GOSFAST View Post
Hi "Al, not exactly, BUT (and this is huge but) to purchase the 92 per/tray pkge deal the price is actually going to "double" due to the new pricing structure??

We've been comfortable selling these original "Johnson's" for about $220.00/16 we feel this is still a fair price in todays market!

With this "new" pricing structure it will cause them to cost $440.00/16 (out the door). At this level we refuse to handle them any longer?

Thanks, Gary in N.Y.

P.S. I have to add this here however, we are in the middle of negotiating with Paul at Topline, all is still up in the air. We already do have a "Plan-B" and we may initiate it soon , this will keep the cost close to where we were?? And they WILL still be the OEM Johnson's. I will stay on this and hopefully resolve to all soon?
Gary, you should give me a call sometime. I'd like to send you a set of lifters ad get your opinion on them.
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