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Default Re: Let's build a drag race 8BA engine

Originally Posted by frnkeore View Post
I forgot to add to my specs, that it had 3, 165 carbs (495 cfm @ 3" Hg).

I'm not so interested in the actual HP, but, more the peak rpm, for both hp and tq, as well as what the 5 deg advance does, to the average hp & tq.

Tim, the cam lobe specs are accurate. It's Howards top duration and lift profile for the FH. The lift and duration, is a product of lifter diameter and the maximum lift velocity for that size lifter. SBC, .842 lifters, lift velocity, isn't even in the same universe as a 1" flat heads lifter. If you were to use these Howards FH cam profiles, with a 1.6, or greater rocker arm, you have valve events, that will beat some roller cam profiles.
The lift figures of that Howard cam are very similar to ones used by the DO Hal for mile track events.
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