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Default Re: Let's build a drag race 8BA engine

I forgot to add to my specs, that it had 3, 165 carbs (495 cfm @ 3" Hg).

I'm not so interested in the actual HP, but, more the peak rpm, for both hp and tq, as well as what the 5 deg advance does, to the average hp & tq.

Tim, the cam lobe specs are accurate. It's Howards top duration and lift profile for the FH. The lift and duration, is a product of lifter diameter and the maximum lift velocity for that size lifter. SBC, .842 lifters, lift velocity, isn't even in the same universe as a 1" flat heads lifter. If you were to use these Howards FH cam profiles, with a 1.6, or greater rocker arm, you have valve events, that will beat some roller cam profiles.
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