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Default Re: Let's build a drag race 8BA engine

Originally Posted by KiWinUS View Post
Interesting but I believe those numbers are light years off. As Pete has eluded to numerous times the flathead can be organized to make good power but it comes at a large cost. Your simulated engine sounds like just a home built hot rod engine. The engines my boss built several of for the great American race were expensive 3.5/16 x 4.250 ported balanced good rods 1.6 valves great ignition single 48 Stromberg with phenolic spacer. Very detailed internally. 145hp. 2 carbs 165hp real dyno numbers. The stainless headers on his 40 coupe with this engine & been in TGAR. are spectacular looking. I have driven this car @ 110mph & still pulling strong. Electronic corrected speedo for race. It will pul from 30 mph in high gear but at 65 mph it sits you back in seat & throbs. These are ligit dyno numbers at crank. Not “happy dyno numbers” now these engines could drive across the great USA & back several times with zero issues.

I'm with you on this, Tony. Those numbers seem really optimistic. There is book written by George Nichols (I believe) and he uses a similar dyno program. Every cam he put into the program had the motor making 200+ hp.

I would check the specs on the Howard cam as well. Potvin Eliminator was at .425" and that is pretty radical cam. Howard's were not known for making radical stuff like Potvin. Crane or Isky's 404A.

Many of the builders on this site would be doing back flips if it was that easy to make those numbers.

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