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Default Re: Let's build a drag race 8BA engine

Originally Posted by frnkeore View Post
This question is more for Pete and Kiwi.

I have a high end dyno sim. I had already run it with my above 21 stud info, using a 59A cam. I estimate that I will be able to get at least 9.2 CR out of it so, I changed out the cam to Howards 260 @ .050 x .440 lift cam on a 110 LSA. With that I got 239 hp @ 5400 and 255 lb ft @ 4400. I then advance the cm 5 deg and got, 237 @ 5400 and 258 lb ft @ 4000. Note that the advanced cam, gave 3 more average hp and 4 more average TQ.

The program gives you a flat head block to start with, I added a 1.6 exhaust valve to it but, left the intake alone because it's hard to make improvement with it. Headers where as short as I could make them, to have a realistic exhaust. 14.4 primarys and 3.2 collector. Not ideal, I know.

What do you think about the HP / TQ and rpm levels?
Interesting but I believe those numbers are light years off. As Pete has eluded to numerous times the flathead can be organized to make good power but it comes at a large cost. Your simulated engine sounds like just a home built hot rod engine. The engines my boss built several of for the great American race were expensive 3.5/16 x 4.250 ported balanced good rods 1.6 valves great ignition single 48 Stromberg with phenolic spacer. Very detailed internally. 145hp. 2 carbs 165hp real dyno numbers. The stainless headers on his 40 coupe with this engine & been in TGAR. are spectacular looking. I have driven this car @ 110mph & still pulling strong. Electronic corrected speedo for race. It will pul from 30 mph in high gear but at 65 mph it sits you back in seat & throbs. These are ligit dyno numbers at crank. Not “happy dyno numbers” now these engines could drive across the great USA & back several times with zero issues.

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