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Default Re: Let's build a drag race 8BA engine

Originally Posted by Yoyodyne View Post
Very clever setup, I wouldn't have thought of going through the pan with fasteners.
Do you modify the main cap for a seat for the bar, or just have it bear on the spotface areas for the main bolts? Where are the 5/16 bolts located and how are they used?
I'll never do this to a flathead, but I might be able to apply it elsewhere.

Thanks for the description!
The support bar sits directly on top of the main bearing cap. The central area of the cap is machine flat this is a rather wide and long area for support. The bearing cap area where the bar sits is machined to a specific height so I can interchange parts between engines if needed. The bar sits high enough to clear the stud, washer and nut assembly's holding the bearing cap to the block. To clear the studs holding the cap in place clearance holes are required in the bar.
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