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Default Re: Let's build a drag race 8BA engine

Originally Posted by Tim Ayers View Post
This is not to sound like fan boy, but more so as someone who admires mechanical ingenuity and the ability to problem solve. We are fortunate to have a bunch of these guys on this forum who are willing to share their knowledge and experience freely.
Well, I feel the same way. Ron, JWL, I and others have shared much info by email over the years. I have learned many things from them and I hope I have been of help also. I hope to meet them in person some day.
Vintage racing has been very good to me over the years. Much more so than the pro racing that gave me most of what I know.

One of the most important things I tell vintage RACING engine builders is, follow what the TOP current day pros in ANY racing venue are doing to their engines. Then if it looks like that procedure may help a vintage engine, modify it so as to apply and try it.
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