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Default Re: Let's build a drag race 8BA engine

Originally Posted by HopRod View Post
Ronnie, so if I understand your design correctly, does tightening the oil pan bolts, via the L shaped bracket, increase preload on the main cap?

The oil pan bolts only hold the L shaped support tightly to the oil pan rail surface. Once the bolts are tightened I now drill the cross bolt hole now going threw the L bracket and into the side of the oil pan and finally into the side of the steel support. I use a center drill for this operation. The idea is to get a centered hole location into the side of the main bearing cap support so every time things come apart and go back together the support locates exactly as the first time. Once i have that centered location I now remove the steel support thats on the main bearing cap and finish drilling the needed tap size hole for the 7/16 bolt using the drill press. To keep things accurate every time I do not use an oil pan gasket. I seal the pan to the block using a good quality silicone sealer.
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