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Default Re: Let's build a drag race 8BA engine

Originally Posted by Ronnieroadster View Post
Hi Tim OK heres one of my simple secret improvements to add strength to our beloved flathead blocks.

On all of my record setting flathead blocks to add support to the center main bearing cap I simply place a flat steel support the width of the cap and one inch in height on top of the steel center bearing cap this support is bolted to the cap with 5/16 hardware which is only used to locate this support.

The steel support is long so it touches the inside surface of the oil pan. Now heres where the support is made to the center of the block. On the outside of the oil pan theres a steel plate that touches the outside of the pan wall and also has a flat surface sitting on top of the oil pan covering three oil pan bolt holes. This L shaped plate is held in place by the three oil pan bolts on each side of the oil pan.

Now for the additional strength I add a 7/16 cross bolt that now goes threw the steel outer plate and the oil pan side wall and finally threads into the side of the inner steel center main bearing cap support. This assembly adds a huge amount of central support to the block. Think how much effort it will take to move such a structure.
Ronnie, so if I understand your design correctly, does tightening the oil pan bolts, via the L shaped bracket, increase preload on the main cap?
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