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Having a windage tray a custom fitted scraper and an oil pan that is designed to keep oil on the pickup is never a bad idea. I recently built a stout 383 SBC for my 32 three window - am running a road-race oil pan (holds 7 quarts and has "trap doors" to keep oil on the pickup. I then added a Milodon Diamond Stripper windage tray (really nice product). On the dyno it held over 100 lbs of oil pressure at full throttle up to my redline of 6200. Myself and the dyno operator were very happy on how consistent the oil pressure was (we made 20 pulls) - obviously there was no foaming or other issues. The engine made 516 HP with just 195 heads, a hydraulic roller cam and a "standard" QuickFuel carb.

Checkout Milodon's windage products - you could probably retrofit one of their standard products or they might sell you the material to make your own Also you'd want to increase your side clearance a bit on your rods to keep plenty of oil running through them. Also, you should setup your lower end for true racing clearances on both the rods and mains -- loose is good, loose is fast! LOL
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