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Default Re: Ardun Heads and the Chrysler Firepower - Some Perspectives

Originally Posted by Bored&Stroked View Post
To take it even further . . . how many folks that drool over Arduns have any clue as to what Duntov did later in his career? Many of our younger folks don't know about his important contributions to the GM Corvette legacy and to the GM Performance program.

Anybody here ever run 265/283/327 Chevy SBC with a 'Duntov 30-30' solid lifter cam? I ran one in my 65 Vette - was a great cam "back in the day".

Yep . . . same guy, Zora Arkus-Duntov . . .

Dale....I've got the 'REAL deal'! In fact, two of 'em. We've owned an "L76" 365 horsepower '65 Corvette coupe for almost 34 years now. Noisy ol' rattlin'-liftered, 'ja-doop ja-doop' cam and a 2818 Holley from the factory. And this one is pretty rare in that it's got factory A/C...only 227 of that combination built with 365-horse AND factory air. Imagine spinning that A/C compressor up to the 6,500 rpm redline. That's why the compressor has a ridiculously huge L76-only drive pulley, as well as an oversized pulley on the alternator, too. I also have an identical 365-horse engine that I built for our '40 coupe. That cam is the famous "30-30", part number 3849346. They pull hard once you wind 'em up past 4 grand or so. DD

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