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Default Re: Ardun Heads and the Chrysler Firepower - Some Perspectives

Yes, I ran one too. It worked great with my Holley 785 double pumper, 365/375 camel hump fuely heads, Jahns pistons, etc. Great when I was always "on the gas" but on my next build I went everything the same except use the Duntov "8-18" or 097 cam and a smaller carb. Way better for the street!


"The “Duntov Cam”, aptly named after the budding engineer that spearheaded much of Chevrolet’s performance efforts through the ’50s and for two decades afterward, was actually known within GM as part number 3736097. Many times, it would simply be referred to by Zora’s last name, or as the “097 cam” over many GM parts counters for expediency’s sake. Keeping in mind that the performance-minded, solid-lifter cam was introduced only two years after the small-block Chevrolet engine began production, it’s easy to see Zora’s influence in laying an early foundation of the small-block Chevy’s dominating force in performance.

Beyond “097”
As engine size and horsepower was steadily increasing in 1964, Chevrolet replaced the Duntov cam with a newer version, dubbed the “30-30” camshaft to achieve 365 and 375 horsepower from the 327. This was a replacement and is not an iteration of the Duntov cam, although some have joined the two monikers and refer to it as a “Duntov 30-30”"

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To take it even further . . . how many folks that drool over Arduns have any clue as to what Duntov did later in his career? Many of our younger folks don't know about his important contributions to the GM Corvette legacy and to the GM Performance program.

Anybody here ever run 265/283/327 Chevy SBC with a 'Duntov 30-30' solid lifter cam? I ran one in my 65 Vette - was a great cam "back in the day".

Yep . . . same guy, Zora Arkus-Duntov . . .
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