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Originally Posted by 1931 flamingo View Post
OK, nothing at A or B. Also nothing (maybe o.3 or so) on each post of the gen. Gen and regulator just checked. Any ideas?? Have had it running and batt shows 6.2-6.3V, still pos ground.
Paul inn CT

Paul not sure taking readings on the regulator is the way to go. Heres what I do to test for output using your meter first take a reading at the battery before you start the engine note the reading. Then start the engine and take another reading obviously you want to see a higher voltage reading with the engine running if you see an increase in voltage write that down. Now if you did see a higher reading in the previous step now turn the head lights on this will add load to the charging system which if working correctly should carry the added load of the lights being on. This means the reading at the battery with the car running and lights on the reading should be above 6 volts.
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