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Default Re: Ardun Heads and the Chrysler Firepower - Some Perspectives

Heres a short video taken back in the 90's of Geroge Kudasch. Sorry its not the best video but it is the only film documentation I know of with George on camera. My time spent with George learning about the development of the Ardun conversion was absolutely incredible. Getting to know George and having him ride in our Ardun powered roadster so he could feel the power this conversion produced was priceless. George never realized how important his design work was and about the history which he was a huge part of. This was Georges first design project when he arrived in the US from a refugee camp in Switzerland after World War 2. After working at the Ardun mechanical company in New York city George continued designing items. George had a number of patented designs for various helicopter systems for Sikorsky Aircraft where he worked until his retirement.

Thanks Dale for giving me the inspiration to add to your post.
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