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Default Re: Off shore adjustable lifters

If you are inclined to change cams you will be happy you have adjustables.
In the 80s I had a Kawasaki motorcycle that had valve adjustment as part of the 6000 mile checkup. These were not hard to do as there were adjusters on the rocker arms and they were all close enough that I think it was just added dealer profit to the sale.
I also remember doing a valve adjustment on a Plymouth Turismo which had a Volkswagen engine as part of a mileage checkup. These had buckets over the lifters with shims. Measure the clearance and then measure the shims and add or subtract to see what the new shim should be. Ideally you should have a shim selection on hand.
I often wondered if something like this could be adapted to the flathead when I heard people complain about the thread being too loose on the adjustables. Probably be more expensive in the long run.
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