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When that roadster was shown at Hershey in 1988 their was a lot of doubt as to it actually being an Elgin road race car it was shown in their class 24A. During that time period I had entered the first Drag car the AACA ever allowed to be shown at the Hershey fall meet. My race car was documented and then certified by the AACA for their class 24A this was not a simple task the AACA had a number of requirements which I had to meet to prove it was truly an early race car. Not a bunch of parts assembled to make it appear to be an early car. The efforts were worth it showing the car for four years at Hershey my car was awarded a Junior first and finally a Senior first in class.
That 33 roadster raised concern because most believed after the original car was raced it would have then been returned back to a stock roadster configuration fenders and running boards put back on and then sold to a customer thus loosing its identity. Thus the doubts remain to this day about that car.
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