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Default Re: Off shore adjustable lifters

Originally Posted by 19Fordy View Post
GOSFAST: I still have the old box my original Johnson lifters came in in 1970. Two wrenches
were included. Next time you order lifters from "Topline" please inquire as to whether they were formerly "Wolverine". Just curious. Would be neat to know. Is "Topline" located at the old Wolverine address or city?
Back in the '80's Wolverine owned what is now "Topline", we had a "WD" with them for years. The entire conglomerate was owned by "The Sherlin Corp", at one point Crane Cams owned it all also!

We became good friends with Harry Krummery, the engineer at the Blue-Racer division of Wolverine! It's all a really long story!

Thanks, Gary in N.Y.

P.S. I put a couple shots below here of the catalog showing the Flathead lifter number, VT-2032, even back then we were buying the lifters by the trays, 92 to a tray, and the original "Johnson" tappet catalog! Hope you can make it out! These lifters back in 1994 cost us $3.70/ea. I still have much inventory on the shelf from them including the aluminum cam gears, part #TG-2702.
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