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Default Re: Off shore adjustable lifters

Originally Posted by Kube View Post
These (the ones that 3 of 16 were dead soft) were Johnson brand from red's.
Do you test the ones you use?
Hi Kub', would have to contact Paul at "Topline" and ask if they happen to supply Reds with lifters?? I can state with certainty that both Comp Cams and Isky get their Flathead lifters from "Topline".

Haven't had one single "bad" lifter so far from "Topline" so no real reason to check them. First time I have an issue that would change things really quick!

Thanks, Gary in N.Y.

P.S. I did just check Reds website, really doesn't state original "Johnson" lifters, it does however say Johnson "style" lifters . We've been warning customers for years now about buying/using Johnson "style" lifters. The few I've had come in here (supplied by customers) were definitely "off-shore".
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