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Default Re: Off shore adjustable lifters

Originally Posted by Step-down View Post
I know we have beat this to death on other threads but thought I would post couple pictures of how these off shore lifters fail .
It's specifically for this reason we use/sell ONLY the original Johnson tappets, today they come from "Topline", the same mfr still as the old days!

I have trouble keeping these in stock all the time we sell so many.

I would just add a bit more info here while we're on the lifter subject. It's extremely important to use the proper break-in lube, we use ONLY "moly" lube here, on the lobes and the lifter faces. After the initial break-in it's also necessary to run some higher-end oil, not the kind you find in the typical Walmart type stores?

Thanks, Gary in N.Y.

P.S. Here's a few shots of the lifters and the lube. We just recently began supplying a small container of the lube with every 16 lifters!
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