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Default Re: In these times, Fordbarn is my comfort

Hey, we are all car guy's here and usually it's a bad battery or some damn loose wire that gets us down. Hang in there OldFord2 I got some good news today and from a great tip here from the fella's on FordBarn about Vintage Vehicles in Wautoma WI.

The good news is they actually have a complete restored grill shell and trim available as my original needs a lot of work to complete the 39 P/U.

Stick with the coffee and FordBarn, the general info here is inspiring and positive. That local and national Debbie downer stuff is just there to depress you and keep you hating the country we live in.

The only new new's I would like to know is when that darn New Bronco is gonna get here so I can test drive one
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