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Default In these times, Fordbarn is my comfort

I always start the day - 6am - by catching up online with the local and national news. After 20 minutes I have had enough so I go on the Barn. Relax and read the posts. I am working on a 46 pickup and decided to bleed the brakes. Who knows when it was done last time. The rear bleeders were froze pretty tight but got them to break loose. So called the Missus and she did the pump and hold for me. Refilled the master twice for each wheel. Sort of messy. Then the front left was really stuck. The 3/8 6 sided box rounded the hex on the bleeder. So a pair of vise grips finally did the trick. This was after 3 hours of up and down under the truck. Not easy for an 81 year old. In the low 90's today but my shop has a window a/c and is insulated. Right front was really stuck. Have been spraying 2 days with Blaster. Even the vise grip could not budge it. Heated it twice with my butane little torch. No luck. So it looks like in the morning I will have to remove the wheel and brakes so I can remove the wheel cylinder and take it down to my shop. I am sure another problem will arise over that. Then what. A new cylinder is the best but doubt I can get one local. I will try. Maybe Joe's has one in stock for quick shipping.
In spite of all this it was still a fun day in the shop. I am a happy boy and always say I am going to live till I die.
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