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Default Re: cam install, won't turn all the way! help again please

Originally Posted by rottenron36 View Post
The crank, rods, and pistons are in. The flywheel, clutch and pressure plate are all in. That is why i took off the timing gear so i could turn the cam. Does the cam have a specific way to go in oil pump gear? Will be looking at everything again today. Thanks Ron
Ron, I'd learned long ago to make one "change" at a time.
At this point in your journey, I'd suggest you remove the oil pump idler gear & cover. I typically install the cam and only then the pump gear & cover.
I am of the assumption that the valve train is NOT installed - correct?
If no valve train has yet been installed and the cam doesn't turn with the pump idler gear and cover removed, I'd look next at cam bearings being too tight.
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